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Some Interesting Insights into Campus Placements


Some Interesting Insights into Campus Placements

You’ve probably heard about and are aware of Campus Placements but how much do you really know about Campus Placements? Can you honestly say that you have a clear understanding of Campus Placements? Well if you’re looking for more information or are interested in improving your knowledge about the same, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keeping this in mind, here are Some Interesting Insights into Campus Placements. But before we go in to the nitty-gritty of things, it is important that we get a basic understanding of Campus Placements. So let’s begin by asking the basic question, What is meant by Campus Placements?

Meaning of Campus Placements

The term Campus Placements is also known as Campus Interviews. Hiring companies between the ranges of Small to large size usually hold such events, with an effort to meet their requirements and to provide job to fresh candidates who have completed their courses and might be on the lookout for obtaining employment. They select candidates that meet their requirements and that possess the skills, ability to work, capability, focus and aim. It is similar to a Career Fairs and is also known by another name i.e. Campus Recruitment. Campus Placements have various types.

Types of Campus Recruitment

There are various types of Campus placements namely, On – Campus, Off Campus, Online Campus, Pool Campus Recruitment, Project Placement and Student Internships.

On Campus

When we talk about On Campus placements we are referring to the general Campus Recruitment where we have companies making a presence at an Educational Institute.

Off Campus

This type of recruiting is done by applying directly to company job specs and visiting the company websites. A sub – type of this is Pool Campus Recruitment.

Pool Campus Recruitment

This form of recruitment is conducted within a group of colleges and is for students from different institutes. It is mainly conducted at a common institute or at a public place with several students attending that too form different institutes.

Online Campus

This basically refers to conducting interviews and interacting with potential candidates on a virtual platform, in layman’s language using the internet.

Project Placement

This is mainly done by companies with the objective of hiring students who need to conduct a project as part of their course structure in the interiors of the industrial environment.

Student Internships

As the name suggests, it is mainly done as an internship program where the selected students are recruited as interns rather than as an employee.

Objectives of Campus Placements

Based on all the information mentioned so far, you can probably guess what these might be like but even so I’ll mention a few.

  • Company Branding
  • Build a Good Reputation
  • Clarify doubts and rectify rumours spreading around about the company i.e. negative reviews
  • Check out the skills and the kind of candidates in the current market

These are however just a few of the various advantages that companies, employers and recruiters have for conducting such events. You can probably add a few more or check out our other related blogs to learn some more about the various reasons why such events are held. Well you can always mention your views in the comments section.

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WhatsApp Group Chat a Reasons for Employee Transfers in Organisations
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Organisations constantly expand as is the process of growth and with that come certain challenges that one needs to tackle in the best way possible. They may have several reasons for conducting employee transfers but what are the many reasons for them to make these drastic changes and is there any substance to doing so? Are questions that keep cropping up to those of us who try to understand their standing on the same to better understand the industry we hold dear to us.

With that being said; we at Sourcing ADDA keep trying our level best to bring you relevant information about the latest happenings at the ground level in the recruitment fraternity. We do this to give you a more realistic picture of how the recruitment industry is progressing and evolving. The information thus shared keeps you updated so you are better prepared to deal with the changing trends. And thanks to one of our Mumbai Group members Rajaram’s participation we are able to share insights into topics that matter and one such discussion was conducted on, Reasons for Employee Transfers in an organisation so let’s take  look at the insights shared below for your perusal, we mean you the reader

Whats App Group Chat – Reasons for Employee Transfers in Organisations


Whats App Group Chat – Reasons for Employee Transfers in organisations

The discussion above highlighted many reasons why firms transfer employees to different departments. Some of the commonalities portrayed are to avoid monotony in the work of an employee. They do this by opting for training interventions rather than transferring the employee. Others focus on up-skilling the employee’s skill which boosts the morale. Also, a transfer is applicable when based on an organisation’s requirements which maybe niche. In cases where churning an internal resource poses a huge challenge and investment; organisation’s usually resort to an external resource as an acceptable alternative. Another reason is organisation restructuring and other factors that lead to a transfer depend on the organisation’s dynamics like expansion, processes, projects, services, ageing, new technology etc. All in all, it is safe to assume that so long as the above parameters have been met the option of transfer or job rotation is based on such requirements.

More importantly as a close knit community we also provide assistance to members in their talent sourcing task as we have a platform where talented folk with the skills companies find hard to place available on our exclusive job posting groups. Where you’ll definitely find the talent you are looking for while obtaining workable alternatives to common challenges faced. You will learn about other tools and techniques Talent Acquisition folks like yourselves use to meet their placement targets. Apart from the not so obvious benefits mentioned you will learn a lot by participating in our regular activities. Therefore be sure to follow us @Sourcingadda and get real time updates to our upcoming activities and events. As several of our followers already know we look forward to your comments on the topic discussed so be sure to leave us yours. If you wish to become a part of our growing online community and remain tuned in to the latest happenings in the recruitment fraternity then register yourselves immediately today!