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3 Things Interviewers and Candidates should think about before an Interview
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3 Things Interviewers and Candidates should think about before an Interview

Preparing for interviews can be nerve wrecking for candidates as well as interviewers alike if either one isn’t prepared. There are certain things that are common knowledge but whether it is the right way to do things is something that doesn’t click either one in question. We all agree that conducting interviews or seeking jobs isn’t something that we enjoy doing.

And research done on 200 candidates suggest that 80% agreed that if a recruiter arrives 10 minutes late it leaves a negative impression on potential candidates and the company the interviewer represents. Likewise interviewers don’t approve of the candidates communication ways. In addition to this 60% of fresh graduates don’t possess the communication skills to be successful. At such times what are the things the concerned individuals need to do well in advance before an interview. So here goes

For Candidates

There are a few things that can help candidates to prepare for a scheduled interview and assist them to get a better chance of being recruited.

Do your Research

This seems to be developing into a trend where candidates are concerned, as many of them generally don’t take time out to research about the company they wish to join or work for. If they take the effort to find out more about what the company is into and involved with this will set the candidate apart from the rest that have also applied for the post.

Prepare Questions 

This again is something that most candidates are afraid to do due to the misunderstanding that questions aren’t welcomed. The reality is that recruiters usually seek out individuals that ask questions because this helps them realise whether or not they have understood what the post calls for. This too helps them to determine the candidate’s problem solving ability.

Remember what your mother taught you

She may have been nagging and at times annoying, even irritating really but little did you know how important these same lessons would be in the near future. Remember her instructions, Sit up straight, Stand up straight, Look at me when I’m talking to you, Don’t interrupt me, when I’m talking to you do these sound familiar? Well you would do well to follow them as these are vital lessons that will definitely come in handy as these aspects are also observed at interviews.

For Interviewers

Well you too need to follow certain aspects and prepare yourself for the same as you are in fact representing the firm that you work for. So what are the aspects that you need to follow.

What kind of Questions to ask

Well you might want to stay away from questions that can lead to job discriminations. Hence questions about religion, marital status and children are a big No, No! You should probably refrain from such questions. These kinds of questions pose a threat to candidates looking for a work and family balance.

Know the Position Thoroughly

As a recruiter it is absolutely essential for you to have proper knowledge about the position you seek to fill.¬† If you’re not clear about the requirements of the post the candidate isn’t going to like it when they have questions about the post that you can’t answer. This will automatically affect the reputation of the company you work for.

Therefore it is essential that you as a candidate or recruiter to be well prepared for the interview and to pay close attention to the aspects that have been discussed so far. These aspects are important if one wishes to speed up the recruiting process and to get employed fast.