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aboutme_380x128A start-up About.me seems like the latest promising thing in the domain of web hosting service. What makes it steal a march on others is the simple navigating format. The site allows registered users a platform to link multiple online identities, relevant external sites and popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube through an eye-catching one page user-profile.

About.me provides an easy solution for users wanting to present a consolidated online identity of them and with its recent addition of a new search interface, which is simple and requires no advanced knowledge of Boolean search; it has become a great search tool to look up people and things. For instance, users can type in anything ranging from a hobby, name of a place, thing, organization or person into the search box, hit enter and voila! Variables can also be added or subtracted to streamline search results to arrive at a more desirable set of results.

The simple search mechanism and the increasing number of users registered makes it the next best thing for recruiting agents. From scouring for people in unconventional fields like photography, modeling, interior design, etcetera to getting a clearer idea about the tastes and personality of a candidate zeroed in through the overall picture of him on About.me –makes a recruiting agents’ task a lot easier.

Getting desired results, however, could be a tricky issue. Users must make it a point to search all variations of each search separately to ensure they see everyone. For instance, when searching for a specific place, About.me fails to consolidate profiles that use different syntax for the same location.

So now that you know the drill, what’s stopping you? Want to look up Web Designers in Pune; a drummer working with a band; an aspiring model for a new line of products or an Anglo-Indian nurse for a super-specialty hospital? Just type in the key words and use different variations to find the right candidate. About.me hardly fails