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Facebook and Twitter Recruiting
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With the explosion of social media, Facebook and Twitter have become virtual treasure troves of myriad candidates. Recruiting and sourcing agencies and companies not just rely on traditional job portals nowadays to procure candidates but also Facebook and Twitter too, to that end.The benefits of doing so are unlimited – the most important benefit being giving sourcing agents and companies on the lookout for potential employees, easy access to a huge talent pool transcending all geographical barriers. They can have a quick low-down on the persons in the “about me” section and also get an idea of his personality from his public posts’ threads and friends and followers list.Companies and sourcing agencies can also make judicious use of it by carefully crafting their brand online on Facebook or Twitter so that active job seekers can actually follow those to gain a proper insight into their work culture, profile and most importantly, available vacancies.Untitled

This is mutually beneficial as it saves job seekers, companies and recruitment firms their precious time and money. Small organizations, especially, benefit from the social media, as it saves them the cost of advertising job openings through online job portals and print media. It saves time too for all sorts of companies and recruiters in zeroing in on the most suitable candidate. As application for a position through jobs sites or via emails hardly gives a perspective on the candidate except for his qualifications and experience, recruiters often end up inviting persons whose traits may not suit a job very well. It is here that a social media can help. Any recruiter worth his salt will scout for an applicant’s profile on Facebook or Twitter, besides LinkedIn. Its helps have a much clearer understanding of the applicant through his posts, pictures, interests and friends. So it would do well for any hirer to carefully search and study the applicants’ tastes, likes and dislikes, list of friends and families to have a much better understanding of his nature.

And here are a few dos and don’ts for job seekers on social media to cash in on the social media bug as best as they can. For instance, a person from the IT domain looking for a job switch can prove himself a viable candidate by posting something on the latest trends in the industry which would go on to prove his domain knowledge or his aptitude. A general post on the political scenario in the country would help too. Having colleagues from his present and past companies on his list of friends or followers would help corroborate his image as a staffer who gets along well with his colleagues. Similarly pictures and other areas of interest which might cut a good impression with the prospective hirers should be judiciously displayed in the public profile. Most important, candidates shouldn’t post anything unsavory that might hamper his or her image.

Well, to sum up, social media is a powerful tool both in the hands of recruiters and job seekers and a smart use will benefit both at the end of the day.


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