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Need of Formal Training in Recruitment
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Formal training in the domain of recruiting is practically unheard of. Recruiters hardly enter the profession by design. Most of them end up in the domain either after having a training in HR or are graduates in need of jobs. This often leads to inefficiency and waste of precious time.

The scenario, however, is changing with sourcing professionals gradually recognizing the importance of formal training and institutes steadily coming up with general and tailor-made courses. These courses are often short and crisp.

If you look at it, you’ll realize that the recruiting industry consists of individual and corporate recruiters. Both have different sets of challenges to tackle even though their basic goals are the same. Formal training can help both.

certificationIndividual recruiters, it is seen, often suffer from a major drawback – lack of recognition that often results in time being wasted in winning over the confidence of clients. Besides, lack of proper technical knowhow to tap into the vast wealth that the internet has to offer in scouring for right candidates from the humungous talent pool often leads to inefficiency. It is here that a good formal training can come in handy for an individual recruiter to help overcome these hurdles. A certification course not only provides a formal recognition but also latest techniques to enable one to stay ahead of competition.

Corporate recruiters, on the other hand, even though they do not have to bother about winning over the trust and confidence of clients, have a separate set of challenges that they face. Most are rookies in the domain who figure out in their own way of how to go about zeroing in on suitable talents. This, obviously, makes them lose out on the best in the industry besides leading in wastage of time. Formal training helps them overcome this basic drawbacks. It trains them and polishes their skills so that they are able to mine candidates more efficiently. It gives them the technical knowledge and helps them keep abreast of the latest changes in the domain of recruiting.

Recruiting is not just another thankless job. It definitely opens up the door to opportunities for progressing. You could make it into a successful career too. And with this realization, more and more training courses are being organized by different institutes.

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