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Fun While Sourcing
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Are you one of those hard-charging talent hunters constantly on the prowl for suitable candidates? Do you spend every waking hour mining resumes on your laptop? Well, if so, you are clearly overlooking the fun side of the process and making your job rather mundane and tiring.

Recruitment is about people. It’s about interaction. What better opportunity than to make use of it to add some zing to your work?

Find new ways to track your candidates apart from the usual CV sourcing through job portals and profile sourcing through LinkedIn. Instead, try using your social skills. Attend more parties to forge new connections and find apt candidates rather than sit on your desk and strain your eyes or better still, throw a party yourself or organize an event inviting active and passive job searchers. Build a rapport with the attendees to not just learn about their qualifications and experience, but also to gain insight into their personalities, soft skills, areas of interest and other preferred jobs and positions.

Innovating new methods rather than solely leveraging on the same old formulae and typical workingshutterstock_146560508 style, is a good idea. A start-up tech company, for instance, looking to hire a large number of software professionals in an already saturated market teeming with bigwigs of the domain is sure to have a tough time unless of course it comes up with something out of the box. For instance it could come up with a quirky, eye catching video and circulate it on YouTube or local job portals. Else, they could have funnily attired persons distributing pamphlets outside educational organizations and at other strategic locations to attract talent. It definitely would prove beneficial.

Out of the box ideas and healthy interaction would be equally fruitful and be much less stressful for scouting people.