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Hike Group Chat – Impact of Social Media in Candidate Selection
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We use it on a regular basis, it has revolutionised the Talent Acquisition Industry as we know it, it’s at the tip of our fingers, we spend a great deal of our time on it and it keeps us updated with the current trends. Any guesses?

Yes, you’re right. We’re talking about Social Media and its impact in Candidate Selection. This topic of discussion was brought forward by one of the Hike Group Chat members Prateek from West. We had amazing insights and here’s what came up…

123From this discussion you can conclude that you can’t rely completely on the information you get about a Candidate and nor can you base your Candidate Selection decision solely on Social Media. In fact you can use it to get more information about the candidate to get a clear picture about the Candidates personality. This brings a great end to and interesting conversation and I’m sure you’ve learnt a thing or two from this discussion that helped you add to your learning. To get updates to our other activities follow @SourcingAdda.

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