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Hike Group Chat – Importance of and Transparency in Sharing Role Details
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As Talent Acquisitionist Professionals we are all aware of the various issues faced and we’re constantly looking for solutions and sometimes the advice we get from professionals within the Recruitment Industry tend to be most effective.

To name a few Infant Mortality as suggested by Manav or how to Personalise Candidate Experience suggested by @SourcingAdda. In view of that the Hike Group Chat discussion topic suggested by our members Aishwarya and Manav was on, “How important is sharing role details with candidates while hiring and how transparent should you be when sharing role details with Candidates?” In this discussion we addressed another important issue that they face. And here’s what we discovered from our fellow Talent Acquisitionists…



This brings a perfect end to an enlightening conversation. I bet we’ve all picked up a thing or two from it that we can implement in our Candidate selection process. I’ve surely learnt a lot more from these Thought Leaders and I’d like to thank our members for their inputs and suggestions. If you want a recap of previous sessions then follow @SourcingAdda.

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