How to Recruit with Facebook Groups?
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How to Recruit with Facebook Groups?
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How to Recruit with Facebook Groups

A Recruiter’s tasks are cumbersome especially when trying to fill vacancies that keep cropping up at the firm you work for. You’ve probably realised by now how effective is social media for filling vacant positions at your firm. You’re even using Social Medias like Facebook to fulfil your hiring needs. But how much do you know about Facebook Groups? And has this question crossed your mind as yet, How to Recruit with Facebook Groups?

Well if it hasn’t than that’s great too as you can then improve the knowledge that you have about Facebook and its features. If your one of those few people thinking out of the box and haven’t yet got any answers then you are heading in the right direction. That means that you are one step ahead of some. So here’s how you can use Facebook Groups to meet your recruiting needs.

Form or Join Groups

There is a reason why I’ve brought this point up first, because the effectiveness lies in such groups. It’s common knowledge to form groups we do it when we complete our profile. So there are a few things that you should bear in mind where joining and creating groups is in question

  • Join Groups that are of interest to you
  • Such groups usually have individuals with similar interests
  • Form Groups based on your interests
  • Join or form groups based on what your firm is involved in
  • Company groups usually attract other firms hence you are likely to get influential people

This will help you to build you’re brand and form important connections and build your connections as well.

Create Activity

If you thought just joining or forming groups does the job think again, you also need to post and create an activity too. When we talk about creating activity we mean you need to post. You can either start by posting, if you’re new to this, else respond to other people’s posts instead.  There are a few things to remember concerning the activity you create

  • You can post images in any of the groups but add links and ask questions to get the audience engaged
  • Similarly you can also post job specs in these groups and ask questions based on the job specs like, Do you know anyone who is looking for such a position, having the desired skills?
  • Apart from asking questions based on the image or the blogs if posted you can even add a poll to get the members to respond
  • You can also post blogs if you’d like or written but here to ensure that you add links and questions
  • Participate in forums across all the groups to get noticed
  • Respond in a timely manner to comments posted by you or by others in the same or different groups

Posting job specs will get the ball rolling on your recruitment needs, as many individuals will have a better idea as to what kind of skills are expected as they too might have information about the job specs or might even have a friend or who knows someone looking for a job change.

Build Connections

Well forming and joining groups can be very effective in building new and fresh connections as you move forward in your career. Apart from connecting with long lost friends or far away relatives you can also build a solid connection base that you can always fall back on when you run out of candidates for a particular post. Here are some pointers to achieve success –

  • Invite like – minded individuals or ones with similar interests as you
  • Invite companies that have similar products as you so you know who your competitors in a company group are
  • Always respond to posts across all groups in a timely manner that will help build and receive more connections
  • When not recruiting remain active in all your groups as far as possible

So there you have it, you have all the information you’ve been looking for. I hope this information was as helpful to you as it was for me. If you have any inputs or questions do let us know so that we can add them in our next post in the comments section.