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Lippl – A Handy Tool for Recruiters
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LinkedIn is a veritable treasure trove of candidates. Any recruiting professional worth his/her salt knows how to make best use of its myriad features and keeps abreast of its latest additions and changes. Lippl is one such free service pertaining to the professional networking site that is fast gaining popularity as a handy tool.

Intended to make browsing easier and more fruitful, Lippl allows recruiters share candidate’s profiles through a simple and quick process. Currently it is supported by only Google Chrome. One needs to register for free and then install the Chrome extension in order to avail the service. All one needs to do then is to navigate to any LinkedIn profile, open the Lippl sidebar and copy the public url on to the clipboard to open the profile in a new tab. One can also use the app to search LinkedIn for any text highlighted in other pages using “Search in LinkedIn” from the context menu.

logoThe tool is also useful for viewing profiles of persons beyond ones second degree connections, both for users of basic and premium LinkedIn. It lets one access not just those profiles that are third degree connections but also those outside of one’s network. The Open Button lets one reach and view profiles connected or unconnected.

Another fabulous feature is that for those profiles exhibiting less information in the public profiles, which one gets at while using public search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, one gets to see more by copying the URL and looking at it while being logged in.

Lippl seems like one of the best things that has happened to recruiting professionals who need to mine candidates and share their profiles frequently.

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