Recruitment Goals: People or Number
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Recruitment Goals: People or Number
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Tapping into an ever changing, highly competitive job market is the primary goal of any recruitment agency. And, with such agencies mushrooming everywhere, many a time there is a mad scramble for candidates making it more of a number game than a talent hunt.

But, recruitment at its core is a process to procure eligible candidates for suitable vacancies in companies, meant to benefit both at the end. Hence, staffing solutions for sure cannot be numbers oriented totally. While targets have to be chased with profits in mind, any recruiter worth his or her salt well understands the fact that ultimately every candidate is unique, having personality, skills and traits different from others.


Recruitment strategies, therefore, cannot be the same for all. Successful companies and recruitment agencies come up with tailor made solutions to various recruitment needs. For a junior executive or fresher’s position, young grads or undergrads full of enthusiasm would be most sought after.

Companies would want to overlook their subject knowledge and focus on their positive attitude more with an aim to train them on the job. Similarly, for senior positions, strong subject knowledge and core competencies are given high importance along with acquired soft skills.

Again for instance, the same senior position across companies in the same industry require different set of approaches and skills for work culture varies from company to company. Bringing in a strait-laced senior manager with a hard-charging style at the helm of a company where work culture is relaxed and informal might actually do more harm than good. The employees, used to a certain work pattern, maybe inconvenienced and the general atmosphere of goodwill and harmony in the workplace may also be jeopardized as such a senior level manager would attach high importance to profits at any cost with total disregard to employees and their overall well-being. Such a senior level manager, however, would fit in well in a more competitive and highly professional set up.

Therefore understanding the needs of the position, the company and the industry and selecting candidates accordingly having the requisite domain knowledge is the biggest challenge any recruiting firm or company faces. The numbers are definitely important, but they will translate into profits only if the process is carried out systematically keeping in mind the fact that every candidate is unique.

Recruitment firms and companies not just invite applications against vacancies but also track down eligible candidates from college campuses, professional websites and even social networking sites. Their aim is to maximize their profits and business by procuring employees who would thrive in the given workplace and bring about beneficial results for all.

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