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Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment

Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment

Recruitment is a vast field with several branches based on a collection of varied job profiles irrespective of the professional field one choses as a career.  No matter which field has a vacancy, you always have the need for a recruiter nonetheless.

It’s no rocket science to realise, after a few interviews that even though there have been changes in the recruitment field, it still has consistency. Well the common knowledge that circulates is that the ways in which companies hire individuals has changed, which doesn’t hold true. Simply because somehow, companies haven’t changed their hiring strategies much, even with the popularity of the internet usage for almost anything is so evident. In view of this here are, Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment as a whole that you aren’t aware of.

A glance is all you get

If you’re a job seeker than it is important for you to realise that you need to impress a recruiter, at first glance. This means that, they are going to take just one look at you Curriculum Vitae, more commonly known as C.V. or Resume before they can even get in touch with you and that too, provided they don’t see something that puts them off. Remember that recruiters have a mountain of C.Vs. that they sift through, and they usually contact the ones that they find decent first.

The email address matters

When emailing it is essential that you have a professional one or else you risk losing career opportunities thus hampering your chances to gain employment. To back this up, research has found about 78% of applications were rejected due to unprofessional email address irrespective of the application programs that do not show the candidates email address. And you don’t want your resume to be part of the rejected pile, now do you?

Take into account the cost of replacing staff

Did you know that the cost of replacing staff is phenomenal? Here’s why because to land that perfect candidate for the job isn’t an easy task and it hasn’t ever been either. In addition to the fact that a replacement isn’t easy to come by that will perform the task with the exact efficiency and give you the same results isn’t possible due to individuality. Besides the cost is also different as you will have to pay the person based on their previous package, without the assurance of achieving the same results with that rate of accuracy and efficiency. How can we leave out the cost of training another individual to do the same job?

Job Specification

Jobs that require specialised knowledge are the ones with the experience in it and these individuals are hard to come by. In addition to jobs like security for instance in casinos, you will be surprised to realise the arduous task and the amount of paper work that is involved in a simple and innocent task such as dice checking. All of these aspects together have a bearing on recruiting the right candidate. Well there you go, did you know about these aspects, I for one didn’t. I hope this was as informative for you as it was for me. So, the next time you go job hunting pay attention to these aspects and watch the number of opportunities you receive by simply implementing these trivial, yet important points.

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