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Whats App Group Chat Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment
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Whats App Group Chat – Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment

It’s common knowledge to anyone into recruitment for a long time to know that recruitment is like sales. There have been discussions around the same that lead to similar conclusions. Having said that, have you wondered why so much emphasis is given to the Art of Persuasion? If so, did you get a satisfactory answer from your findings? Failing that, you can look to us as an alternative to get an answer that is more acceptable and down to earth.

As we at Sourcing ADDA a recruitment community took the liberty to full fill this curiosity ourselves thanks to Archana one of our Mumbai group member’s suggestions for our on demand discussion Wednesday activity. We conduct such discussions to explore with happens at the ground level and avoid any misconceptions from spiralling out of control on topics most talked about. Our discussion evaluated the Art of Persuasion based on the article on The Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment which you can view here: https://t.co/YDNfXg4WpT to get a better perspective and decide for yourself. Also, mentioned below is what we discovered

Whats App Group Chat – Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment

Based on the thoughts expressed above we can safely conclude that just like everything has its pros and cons the same applies even to the concept of persuasion. And since recruitment is like sales it is essential for you to develop the soft skills required to bag that perfect hire for your organisation. Hence, persuasion is not just a skill to hone but also an art as it needs one to be extremely creative. If one is to ensure that the desired hire is on boarded; your organisation needs to provide such talent with offers that are more appealing to them, to resist declining your offer. Such a type of offer requires out of the box thinking not commonly found amongst the recruitment fraternity and is dominated by creativity. Coming up with an irresistible offer; especially one that makes it extremely difficult for talented folks to reject, is just as difficult but doable nevertheless. Therefore go ahead and bounce of ideas with your fellow colleagues to finalise on an irresistible offer. Make sure it is one that is essential to your potential hires requirements to make the on boarding process sail smoothly. And thus boost your organisations overall growth.

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