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Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Recruiter Skills and Competency Development
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Here we go again another successful #SourcingChat for Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda). We @SourcingAdda are glad to have so many Talent Acquisitionists expressing their views which have enlightened us as well as our fellow participants. The participation that we’ve had has certainly assisted us in achieving our objective. We are consciously trying our level best to make this experience a memorable one that will not only enlighten you but others as well simultaneous with fun as a finishing touch.

I bet you’re wondering which are going to be the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat on “Recruiter Skills and Competency Development.” So without further ado; I present the Top Tweets with reference to the questions…


  • Is there any difference between a Skill and Competency? #SourcingChat
  • A2 “Skills” are learned activities to do a task, while “competency” is a mix up of skills+behavior+knowledge
  • A3:- Judging the candidates in a short time. Spending time may effect in your peroformance. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Marketing and Sales skills can be a part of Recruiting skills?#SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda A 4) IMHO Recruitment is the toughest form of sales. You’re seeing an intangible product – ‘Career’ #SourcingChat
  • What are the competencies needed for a Recruiter? #SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda Highly versatile. People keep changing and they need to generate newer ways to recruit to keep up the pace. #SourcingChat
  • A5) Recruiter needs to sell his performance better than others during appraisals. Focus on Source Mix and Cost Saved. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Companies are Competency based?
  • To some extent. Competency based HR management is the utmost requirement for companies to be successful. @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat
  • A7) Begin with a competency mapping exercise i.e. understand what competencies are required for which roles within the org #SourcingChat

There we have it our Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat, now your Tweets too can be listed out provided you participate in our next #SourcingChat by following @SourcingAdda. Here you will have access to all the #SourcingChats we’ve had so far and upcoming ones.