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Wanna get poached?
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Internet in the current times has seen horde new unique and uber-cool platforms in various areas ranging from social networking, chat, website hosting to current affairs, music and a plethora of other things. Many such new platforms have come up in the recruiting domain too, helping potential employers find suitable candidates. One such tech start up is “Poachbox”.Just about a couple of months old, Poacbbox is a rather different kind of platform for professionals in the domain of software and effective too, for that matter. It’s simple functioning technique lets software professionals apply for the limited slots available in the domain and get anonymously poached within 24 hours. A brainchild of “Karen”, the “About” section in the official website details what prompted Karen to come up with the idea of Poachbox thus:

“About 6 months ago, Karen was employed at a well-known VC-backed startup working as an iOS Engineer when she started hearing rumors that her company would soon be doing massive job cuts. Only employed at the company for just over a year, Karen feared that her job may be cut. Sure enough, the rumors were true, and Karen ended up losing her job before she was able to find another position. This sucked, and we wanted to make sure what happened to Karen, didn’t happen to anyone else. “

Hardly a couple of months into being, Karen’s brainchild is fast becoming a hot favorite with not just jobless or sacked IT people but those looking for better prospects, job switch for various reasons and employers searching for engineers and designers at top tech companies.

Users of Poachbox, both employers and job seekers, just need to go through three simple steps to achieve their purpose. Job seekers need to apply, with information on current salary and position, to be included in the anonymous poaching slots that are limited and offered on first come first served basis. In the second step they would receive job offers with clear information on future salary, role and potential equity options. In the third and final step one just gets hired in the company of one’s choice.

For employers too, the procedure is just as easy. They need to apply and get verified to partake in the weekly candidate poaching auctions, make unlimited offers, connect and view candidate profiles and finally hire the best suited person for a specific role. The official website guarantees “High-Quality Candidates” in an easy and quick process.

At the face of it, it seems clever and handy and definitely looks promising.



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