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What’s App Group Chat – Which is better Internal or Outsourced Recruitment?
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We as Talent Acquisitionist’s we’re always looking to fill positions fast and therefore we’re constantly on a hunt for better, faster, easier and efficient methods to fill vacancies. While most companies that we’ve been a part of usually rely on Internal methods while some others prefer Outsourced methods of Recruiting. But have you ever stopped to think and find out which of these two methods are most effective?

If you haven’t then you’re in luck as @SourcingAdda we’ve already thought about it thanks to the Wednesday Discussion topic suggestions given by our members who keep us updated with the current topics. Therefore this time we had the What’s App Group Chat Discussion on, “Which will be better, Internal or Outsourced Recruitment? On 2 parameters namely,

  1. Which will deliver more results Internal or Outsourced Recruitment?
  2. What will be the future of both types of Recruitment Internal or Outsourced?”

As suggested by Ankush from the Pune What’s App Group and here’s what we discovered…1Well from the discussion above we can conclude that both methods are good if you have the right team with the support that focusses on driving things further. This brings yet another discussion to an end with lots of insights to take back with you.

If you’d like to be a part of this discussion then follow us @SourcingAdda and receive timely updates to our upcoming events.  In the meantime what are your inputs about the topic? Do leave your comments and we’ll surely like to hear your inputs as well.

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