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Needlehunt Spells Potential
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Needlehunt, a free beta product, is a new offering in the domain of candidate sourcing. Accessed through Facebook login id and password, for verification of identity, the site helps compare “the overall and work-related sentiments of their publicly available posts to determine if this person would be more open to a new opportunity.”

Once the keywords are entered in the search button clicked upon, it throws up a list of people matching the criteria. It extracts all publicly available information from all their profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Meetup, LinkedIn and even YouTube and WordPress for your perusal. From present to past positions, to qualifications and skills, it presents all the information in a consolidated and succinct manner. Besides exact matches, it also lists near matches. For instance, if you are looking for Copy Editors, it would also bring in profiles of Copy Writers, Editors and Sub Editors as well.

NeedlehuntIt even rates the general and professional activities using a colorful scale. Depending on the frequency of public posts, it rates one as Somewhat Unhappy, Neutral, Somewhat Happy and Very Happy.

Needlehunt also provides details of the search technique to be used for the convenience of users – the symbols to be used to get desired results. For instance space and the plus sign (+) yield the same results. So “Assistant Director Tele-serials Mumbai” would shortlist the same names as “Assistant+Director+Tele-serials+Mumbai.”

Needlehunt, is still in a very nascent stage and there is a lot of room for further sophistication.  Users can pour in suggestions to help improve services of the site. The site has been developed by the creators of ReferralFeed, another platform meant to aid job hunters and potential employers.

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