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WhatsApp Group Chat Recruitment: Background Verification (BGV) Process
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WhatsApp Group Chat – Recruitment: Background Verification (BGV) Process

On boarding selected talent requires them to go through a variety of processes before they are officially welcomed in to the new job role and Background Verification (BGV) is one such process that is conducted post joining or pre-boarding as per each firm’s preference. With the era of Biometrics and unique identification number (UID), one might wonder how difficult can it be to establish the credentials of an individual, truth be told; a lot, actually. Verifying credentials is a time consuming and lengthy process requiring accountability that many firms find difficult to in still in its employees.

BGV is a very important process that may have been overlooked due to the volume of workload many recruitment professionals cater too. Nevertheless there are firms that provide such a service to rule out any candidates BGV if missed. There still remains the question that how can this process be effectively implemented and the precautions surrounding it that need to be taken so you on-board reliable Talent, Lucky for you we Sourcing ADDA took it in our stride to bring you the information that will certainly help you with the processes involved that surround a successful Background Verification Process. And one of our Mumbai Group members Rajaram suggested we discuss about, Recruitment: Background Verification (BGV) Processes. As we wanted to get a clearer picture into the inner workings of such a service and shared below is what we uncovered that will be useful to you…

WhatsApp Group Chat – Recruitment: Background Verification (BGV) Process

The insights shared are quite helpful to anyone interested in starting their own start-up firm or wishing to do a thorough background check on the new joinees. The views expressed give excellent guidelines on conducting such checks. It even highlights alternatives to consider if the company finds the task to be not feasible for them to do so and would rather outsource it altogether.

Furthermore it mentions which department the task falls under. It outlines what steps to take to go about achieving the desired results with the least amount of time taken to complete it or whom to approach to get it done at the earliest.

Additionally, while BGV is an essential part of the process of on-boarding you also need to consider other important aspects like Recruitment Metrics. Particularly the ones that matter to the investment department or even a simple matter of changing roles or job rotation impact the overall company growth and the workers development. These are some of the other aspects that new time wannabe start-up entrepreneurs would want to consider in their plans if any at all.

Also, a close knit community such as ours offers you some assistance in the key task of sourcing talented folk with the skills that companies find hard to place. Here you’ll definitely find the talent you are looking for and get workable solutions to common challenges faced or learn about tools or techniques other Talent Acquisition folk use to meet their placement targets. Apart from the benefits mentioned you will also get to learn a lot more by participating in our regular activities. Be sure to follow us @Sourcingadda to get real time updates to our upcoming activities and events. As several of our followers already know we are always looking forward to your comments on the topic discussed so make sure you leave us yours. To become a part of our growing online community and remain tuned in, to the latest happenings in the recruitment fraternity be proactive and register yourselves immediately today!