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Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Best Tools and Techniques Used in the Recruitment Process
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Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat - Best Tools and Techniques Used in the Recruitment Process

We’ve been into the Talent Acquisition Industry for quite some time and we’re familiar with the tools & techniques that are commonly used by most of us. But would you like to know about the other Tools & Techniques that are available?

If you’re answer is yes, then you’d like to know about the #SourcingChat on, “Best Tools and Techniques used in Recruitment Process” if you’ve missed it. But don’t fret you can still catch up with the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat and here they are…

Q1. The importance of tools in sourcing & recruiting? #SourcingChat

A1. Use of #tech tools in #Sourcing & #recruiting is to reduce timelines, bring efficiency, improve #experience #SourcingChat

A1 A Modern tool to minimize the time length between sourcing, recruitment & selection #sourcingchat

Q2. What are the various recruitment tools you use for sourcing passive candidates? #SourcingChat

A2. #dribble #behance #github #stackoverflow #Googlesearch #Twitter #Linkedin #googleplus #facebook #SourcingChat

A2: GitHub, stack overflow, LinkedIn, recruitin, angellist, behance and dribbble for UX techgig #sourcingchat

Q3. What are the tools you use for your daily job like Job posting, mass mailing etc.? #SourcingChat

A3 job postings, LinkedIn messages, interacting with applicants, search, re search, headhunting, networking #SourcingChat

A3: Posting in LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook via Buffer& posting in respective groups in social media #Sourcingchat

A3 For Job Posting We use #WhatsApp Groups #LinkedIn @iimjobs #careersite & #jobportals – We do mix- Free & Paid sites #sourcingchat

Q4. Importance of Excel and Reporting in Sourcing or Recruiting. What tools you use? #SourcingChat

A4. Helps to take more informed decision, reduces work repetition & duplication #SourcingChat

A4: Excel has been there for ages. Newer ones like InsightSquared are gaining popularity. #SourcingChat

Q5. How effectively these tools make your work easy? #SourcingChat

A5: best to arrange your work and track your candidates #sourcingchat

A5: Improves managing productivity at scale, Helps with operatinoal rigour and assists in almost stock market like reporting #SourcingChat

Q6. Name any one of your favorite recruitment/sourcing tool? Why? #SourcingChat

A6. @LinkedIn . Being a professional and part of a fast growing/ changing world one can’t afford to not have presence on it. #SourcingChat

A6. Tools will come and go. Some will evolve. But magic of #Boolean will always charm and help us 🙂 #sourcingchat

Well these were the best ones we came across in the #SourcingChat that was conducted. I’m sure that if you’ve read this far then you’ve come across something you like and you want to know more. In that case you need to follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming events. So don’t be left out of all the action be a part of it by joining in to remain updated at all times.