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How to Double your Twitter Connections?
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How to Double your Twitter Connections?

Most individuals have an account with some or the other Social Media channel with Twitter being a popular one. Whether you are a Commoner or a Recruiter or a Sourcer you have to have connections. If not then you need to make connections. Especially if you have to select candidates with the desired calibre and skill sets for the vacancy.

So if you’re a Twitter user and you need to Source Candidates here are a few ways on “How to double your Twitter Connections?”

Complete your Profile

Ensure that you have a profile picture so that people can identify you, view other people’s profiles and take notes so that you can improve your profile. Choose your words wisely so that you can make a compelling bio data to attract more users because let’s face it we all want to get noticed.

Engage your Followers

Ensure that you tweet more, so that people can tweet you too. This will help you to build your connections. Keep posting so people follow you and when you have people following you make sure you follow them back. Pay attention to Twitter Analytics to find out what topics interests your audience. Once you know that then be sure to Tweet the same. Besides you can post content in any media form videos, blogs, images, quotes, poles etc. to keep your followers engaged. Sometimes even a simple thank you Tweet to new followers or favourites and retweets received can be engaging. For similar tasks you can use tools like Commun’it to schedule such Tweets on a weekly basis for instance.      

Find new Followers

Use your present connections to search for Talent or in turn build your connections. Also look for and follow more people with similar interests. As they will most definitely be following people who are like minded who you can follow to grow your connections once they follow you back. Don’t restrict your- self to individuals within your profession especially since you have to be on the lookout for Sourcing Talent across different fields.

Get Involved  

It is essential for you to join in on weekly Twitter Chats and tweet your connections regularly. Tweeting on a monthly basis too will help people to get to know you better and they will in return tweet and follow you as well. By implementing these simple tips you will improve your Twitter Connections twice fold and you are likely to be noticed not just by your connections but by Talent Acquisitionists as well. This will enable you to get a pool of qualified individuals that will boost your Recruiting and Sourcing process. If you found this interesting then you will also like the Social Media Recruiting strategy.

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