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Whats App Group Chat – Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment
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Whats App Group Chat – Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment

It’s common knowledge to anyone into recruitment for a long time to know that recruitment is like sales. There have been discussions around the same that lead to similar conclusions. Having said that, have you wondered why so much emphasis is given to the Art of Persuasion? If so, did you get a satisfactory answer from your findings? Failing that, you can look to us as an alternative to get an answer that is more acceptable and down to earth.

As we at Sourcing ADDA a recruitment community took the liberty to full fill this curiosity ourselves thanks to Archana one of our Mumbai group member’s suggestions for our on demand discussion Wednesday activity. We conduct such discussions to explore with happens at the ground level and avoid any misconceptions from spiralling out of control on topics most talked about. Our discussion evaluated the Art of Persuasion based on the article on ‘The Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment’ which you can view here: https://t.co/YDNfXg4WpT to get a better perspective and decide for yourself. Also, mentioned below is what we discovered…

Whats App Group Chat – Art of Persuasion in Sourcing & Recruitment

Based on the thoughts expressed above we can safely conclude that just like everything has its pros and cons the same applies even to the concept of persuasion. And since recruitment is like sales it is essential for you to develop the soft skills required to bag that perfect hire for your organisation. Hence, persuasion is not just a skill to hone but also an art as it needs one to be extremely creative. If one is to ensure that the desired hire is on boarded; your organisation needs to provide such talent with offers that are more appealing to them, to resist declining your offer. Such a type of offer requires out of the box thinking not commonly found amongst the recruitment fraternity and is dominated by creativity. Coming up with an irresistible offer; especially one that makes it extremely difficult for talented folks to reject, is just as difficult but doable nevertheless. Therefore go ahead and bounce of ideas with your fellow colleagues to finalise on an irresistible offer. Make sure it is one that is essential to your potential hires requirements to make the on boarding process sail smoothly. And thus boost your organisations overall growth.

Also, as a close knit community we can be of assistance once you’ve joined us as the information shared within the groups can help scale your hiring needs and build pipelines of referral talent. To effectively leverage this amazing opportunity as a part of our community you need to be an active participant rather than a by stander. To reap the benefits you need to be more involved in our regular activities. Also be sure to follow us @Sourcingadda to get real time updates to our upcoming activities and events. As a loyal follower you would know that we always look forward to your comments on the topic discussed so make sure you leave us yours. To become a part of our growing online community and remain tuned in, to the latest happenings in the recruitment fraternity be proactive and register yourselves immediately!

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How to Recruit with Facebook Groups?
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How to Recruit with Facebook Groups

A Recruiter’s tasks are cumbersome especially when trying to fill vacancies that keep cropping up at the firm you work for. You’ve probably realised by now how effective is social media for filling vacant positions at your firm. You’re even using Social Medias like Facebook to fulfil your hiring needs. But how much do you know about Facebook Groups? And has this question crossed your mind as yet, “How to Recruit with Facebook Groups?”

Well if it hasn’t than that’s great too as you can then improve the knowledge that you have about Facebook and its features. If your one of those few people thinking out of the box and haven’t yet got any answers then you are heading in the right direction. That means that you are one step ahead of some. So here’s how you can use Facebook Groups to meet your recruiting needs.

Form or Join Groups

There is a reason why I’ve brought this point up first, because the effectiveness lies in such groups. It’s common knowledge to form groups we do it when we complete our profile. So there are a few things that you should bear in mind where joining and creating groups is in question –

  • Join Groups that are of interest to you
  • Such groups usually have individuals with similar interests
  • Form Groups based on your interests
  • Join or form groups based on what your firm is involved in
  • Company groups usually attract other firms hence you are likely to get influential people 

This will help you to build you’re brand and form important connections and build your connections as well.

Create Activity

If you thought just joining or forming groups does the job think again, you also need to post and create an activity too. When we talk about creating activity we mean you need to post. You can either start by posting, if you’re new to this, else respond to other peoples posts instead.  There are few things to remember concerning the activity you create –

  • You can post images in any of the groups but add links and ask questions to get the audience engaged
  • Similarly you can also post job specs in these groups and ask questions based on the job specs like, Do you know anyone who is looking for such a position, having the desired skills?   
  • Apart from asking questions based on the image or the blogs if posted you can even add a poll to get the members to respond
  • You can also post blogs if you’d like or written but here to ensure that you add links and questions
  • Participate in forums across all the groups to get noticed
  • Respond in a timely manner to comments posted by you or by others in the same or different groups

Posting job specs will get the ball rolling on your recruitment needs, as many individuals will have a better idea as to what kind of skills are expected as they too might have information about the job specs or might even have a friend or who knows someone looking for a job change.

Build Connections

Well forming and joining groups can be very effective in building new and fresh connections as you move forward in your career. Apart from connecting with long lost friends or far away relatives you can also build a solid connection base that you can always fall back on when you run out of candidates for a particular post. Here are some pointers to achieve success –   

  • Invite like – minded individuals or ones with similar interests as you
  • Invite companies that have similar products as you so you know who your competitors in a company group are
  • Always respond to posts across all groups in a timely manner that will help build and receive more connections
  • When not recruiting remain active in all your groups as far as possible

So there you have it, you have all the information you’ve been looking for. I hope this information was as helpful to you as it was for me. If you have any inputs or questions do let us know so that we can add them in our next post in the comments section.

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How to Double your Twitter Connections?
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How to Double your Twitter Connections?

Most individuals have an account with some or the other Social Media channel with Twitter being a popular one. Whether you are a Commoner or a Recruiter or a Sourcer you have to have connections. If not then you need to make connections. Especially if you have to select candidates with the desired calibre and skill sets for the vacancy.

So if you’re a Twitter user and you need to Source Candidates here are a few ways on “How to double your Twitter Connections?”

Complete your Profile

Ensure that you have a profile picture so that people can identify you, view other people’s profiles and take notes so that you can improve your profile. Choose your words wisely so that you can make a compelling bio data to attract more users because let’s face it we all want to get noticed.

Engage your Followers

Ensure that you tweet more, so that people can tweet you too. This will help you to build your connections. Keep posting so people follow you and when you have people following you make sure you follow them back. Pay attention to Twitter Analytics to find out what topics interests your audience. Once you know that then be sure to Tweet the same. Besides you can post content in any media form videos, blogs, images, quotes, poles etc. to keep your followers engaged. Sometimes even a simple thank you Tweet to new followers or favourites and retweets received can be engaging. For similar tasks you can use tools like Commun’it to schedule such Tweets on a weekly basis for instance.      

Find new Followers

Use your present connections to search for Talent or in turn build your connections. Also look for and follow more people with similar interests. As they will most definitely be following people who are like minded who you can follow to grow your connections once they follow you back. Don’t restrict your- self to individuals within your profession especially since you have to be on the lookout for Sourcing Talent across different fields.

Get Involved  

It is essential for you to join in on weekly Twitter Chats and tweet your connections regularly. Tweeting on a monthly basis too will help people to get to know you better and they will in return tweet and follow you as well. By implementing these simple tips you will improve your Twitter Connections twice fold and you are likely to be noticed not just by your connections but by Talent Acquisitionists as well. This will enable you to get a pool of qualified individuals that will boost your Recruiting and Sourcing process. If you found this interesting then you will also like the Social Media Recruiting strategy.

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Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment

Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment

Recruitment is a vast field with several branches based on a collection of varied job profiles irrespective of the professional field one choses as a career.  No matter which field has a vacancy, you always have the need for a recruiter nonetheless.

It’s no rocket science to realise, after a few interviews that even though there have been changes in the recruitment field, it still has consistency. Well the common knowledge that circulates is that the ways in which companies hire individuals has changed, which doesn’t hold true. Simply because somehow, companies haven’t changed their hiring strategies much, even with the popularity of the internet usage for almost anything is so evident. In view of this here are, “Some Interesting, Yet Surprising Facts about Recruitment” as a whole that you aren’t aware of.

A glance is all you get

If you’re a job seeker than it is important for you to realise that you need to impress a recruiter, at first glance. This means that, they are going to take just one look at you Curriculum Vitae, more commonly known as C.V. or Résumé before they can even get in touch with you and that too, provided they don’t see something that puts them off. Remember that recruiters have a mountain of C.Vs. that they sift through, and they usually contact the ones that they find decent first.

The email address matters

When emailing it is essential that you have a professional one or else you risk losing career opportunities thus hampering your chances to gain employment. To back this up, research has found about 78% of applications were rejected due to unprofessional email address’ irrespective of the application programs that do not show the candidates email address. And you don’t want your résumé to be part of the rejected pile, now do you?

Take into account the cost of replacing staff

Did you know that the cost of replacing staff is phenomenal? Here’s why because to land that perfect candidate for the job isn’t an easy task and it hasn’t ever been either. In addition to the fact that a replacement isn’t easy to come by that will perform the task with the exact efficiency and give you the same results isn’t possible due to individuality. Besides the cost is also different as you will have to pay the person based on their previous package, without the assurance of achieving the same results with that rate of accuracy and efficiency. How can we leave out the cost of training another individual to do the same job?

Job Specification

Jobs that require specialised knowledge are the ones with the experience in it and these individuals are hard to come by. In addition to jobs like security for instance in casinos, you will be surprised to realise the arduous task and the amount of paper work that is involved in a simple and innocent task such as dice checking. All of these aspects together have a bearing on recruiting the right candidate. Well there you go, did you know about these aspects, I for one didn’t. I hope this was as informative for you as it was for me. So, the next time you go job hunting pay attention to these aspects and watch the number of opportunities you receive by simply implementing these trivial, yet important points.